Friday, January 09, 2009

Some review papers in string theory

There are a bunch of things that I would like to post about, but I prefer to take a bit of time to present them in the best possible way.

In the meantime I am going to leave links to some review articles. Of course one always go to the string wiki, or search for them in arxiv, but anyway Ill link them.

The first one is this. It is a "pedestrian" introduction to the use of the ADS/CFT correspondence to QCD, that is, AdS/QCD. In fact you cant actually get exact QCD from the duality but only an approximate theory. Still this approach offers some advantages over other methods in QCD such as, for example, lattice computations which lacks of time evolution because of the need to go to euclidean signature.

I would recomend also to read the blog of Dimitry (NeQ) for aditional information. Concretely these two entries and

The second one is a brief (12 pages) review of dark energy and the alternatives. I cite here the abstract which is very self explanatory:

We present a brief review of various approaches to late time acceleration of universe. The cosmological
relevance of scaling solutions is emphasized in case of scalar field models of dark energy. The
underlying features of a variety of scalar field models is highlighted. Various alternatives to dark
energy are discussed including the string curvature corrections to Einstein-Hilbert action, higher
dimensional effects, non-locally corrected gravity and f(R) theories of gravity. The recent developments
related to f(R) models with disappearing cosmological constant are reviewed.

Another paper about cosmology is this. Concretely it verses about inflation in string cosmology.

The last one is about heterotic string theory. It is more extense tahtthe others and it is based in a PhD. it covers mainly orbifold compactifications. It is most specialized, and more detailed, than the others. That meansalsothat it is longest (158 pages, 102 if the appendix are discounted).

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