Monday, February 15, 2010

Let the entropy be with you

This new year "sensation" has been a paper by the well known string theorist Erick Verlinde about a possible entropic force like origin of gravity. The actual paper is this.

The article has been extensively discussed in the blogosphere and I will not add too much about it. The main reason of publishing about the topic is that I commented to a friend it's existence and he asked me for the link. A secondary reason is the possibility to paraphrase Obi Wan Kennoby (or possibly it's master, whose role was played by an actor who actually had a degree in Physics, which of course was the reason because he was a much better jedi that Obi one ; ).

About the paper itself all I can say is that the first paper about Physics was one by the two Verinde Brothers in the topic of Planckian scatering. This about entropic force is the first one I readed in the archos tabletPC that I comment in here. T wirte it I am using a B-move trackball remote mouse + keyboard which is wonderful way to get total control of your PC from a comfortable distance.

By the way, anyone with an undergraduate knowledge of physics which includes statistical mechanics and general relativity and who hs read about string theory in divulgaive books such as the elegant universe can read and understand the Verlinde paper by himself and make his own judgement of it's merits so n advise s needed.

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