Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brief note: a warpdrive to vixra and some recent tantalizing experimental resuts


Reading this post at the vixra bog I got aware of this paper:

Warp Drive Basic Science Written For ”Aficionados”.Chapter II - Jose Natario.

Warp drives are a nice idea. They are inspired by the TV and cinema serial Star Trek of which I am not a particular fan, although I have seen a few chapters and most of the movies.

The key concept is that when you want to to go from a point A to a point B you contract the space in front of you and expand the one behind you. in that way it is possible to go from A to B in an arbitrary small amount of time as far as one can contract/expand the space arbitrarily.

This wordy idea was first formalized by Alcubierre in pure GR framework. The construction of the warp-drive solution requires the use NEC (null energy condition) violating matter as much as wormholes or other exotic solution in GR require.

The last I read (sorry, I don't remember the actual link) of the alcubierre solution was that the back reaction of quantum effects ruined it (or at least it's use as a time machine).

The article I link here focuses in a different kind of warp drive, the Natario warp drive. I didn't previously know of this. I have nether read the full article. What I read looks coherent (as any article in arxiv on the same subject I mean) and I don't see any particular sign of crackpottery. But it is a vixra article, that is, ii is not intended (as far as I know) to any peer to peer review so, well, you know, read it at your own risk. B.T.W. despite the name it is not written for "aficionados": At least not for the kind of aficcionados that ignore genera relativity.


Htese recent days there were an unsuall amount of experiments with surprasing results.

On of them was a result on the possible violation of the CPT symmetry by neutrinos. This was infered by the observed fact that neutrinos and antineutrinos were found t behave differently and have different mass. You can read about in, for example: MINOS: hints of CPT-violation in the neutrino sector

Another surprising result was the observed fact that in muonic atoms the proton radio decreased, contradicting QED (quantum electro dynamics).The most recent blog entry in the subject is written by "mr TGD" (no offense intended) Matti Pitkannen: The incredibly shrinking proton

And last, but not least, the rumor of a 3 sigma detection of ligh (around 115 Gev) higgs bosson in the tevatron. The last entry on the subject is own to Lubos Motl: What a light Higgs would mean for particle physics

A lot of things, and a lot of papers in arxiv today. And I have many task to do tday so I will end the entry here.


mansouryar said...

Good job Javier! Let me inform this good news that Fernando's work will continue due to the squeezed vacuum effect...

Anonymous said...

thanks for your nice comments Javier
actually the paper IS on peer review withn only a different title..i removed the word "Aficionados"
----------------------------------the paper is on Physical Review D
take care Javier

Fernando Loup

Javier said...

Sorry by the delay in answering, I had some problems with my google account.

I is good to know that there are vixra papers accepted in peer to peer reviews. And even better to see interaction among vixra and arxiv papers.

In fact the ultimate reason (or better, the only one) to consider the quality of a paper would be it's content and not the place where it is published.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment Javier

yes indeed what is important is the quality of an article and not where it was published

Natario Warp Drive is now on the third version

you will gonna love the artistical graphical presentation of the Natario Warp Drive

but i am preparing another one...that will demands a stronger knowledge on advanced Differential Geometry applied to General Relativity etc....Euler-Lagrange equations etc

stay tuned on viXra Javier


Fernando Loup

Anonymous said...

hi Javier

i launched another article on the Natario Warp Drive the viXra:1101.0085


you will gonna love this one..in this article i deal with the Horizons(Causally Disconnected portions of Spacetime) and Doppler Effects