Thursday, December 02, 2010

Behind the super event horizont

This is a very brief note to tell that I have not forgotten about the blog.

There are a couple of combined reason for my long absence. Possible one of the most important ones is that my favourite (and expensive) wireless keyboard is out of work because it's USB connector seems to be slightly broken. Now I must return to writing with a wired keyboard, which is uncomfortable and it results in laziness for writing.

I also have had a few math exams, which take time out, I have been busy with activities out of physics (doing an small software develpment, have returned to get piano lesson because of a very good economic offer, deciding which martial art I want learn now that there is no instructors here in the one I did any more, etc).

In the physics side I have been refreshing my knowledge in some topics (for example renormalization) and studying new ones. Specially I am very involved in black hole physic. Both in classical semiclassical gravity (dynamic horizons, vadya metrics, etc) with the idea of see if it is possible to realize some idea I have about "entropic force" effects in black hole physics. Also I am haveing a close attention to a somewhat technical points of black holes in supergravity and string theory, far beyond the basic (although very important) results of the nineties that appear in most books. I hope that these two areas could result in something useful, but who know?

Anyway, I am recovering from the trauma that has supposed the dead of my favourite keyboard and hopefully I'll return to write more often here.

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