Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Strings 2012

The LHC rules the physics blogosphere, specially since it's recent announcement about the Higgs. None doubt of the importance of the discovery and, in general, the labour of the LHC. But that doesn't meant that nothing else is going on on physics. On the experimental side we have new experimental results on dark matter detection: on the negative by xenon amd on the possitive (but in a very non fable way because of the early state of the experiment) by COUPP-4 On the theoretical side also there are some news. For example those last days we have assisted to a "black hole firewall" revolution of which I'll make a separate entry soon. But, in the theoretical side, I think that it is quite important to notice that this weak have begun the annual congress in string theory, that is, strings 2012. The place where it is celebrated is the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (in collaboration with the Max Planck institute). This is the web page Strings 2012
Some slides are available (and I guess that the links with an x that actually don't really have a pdf although they point to one in the future will have it). Some videos are also available. I'll try to see some of the important conferences and to read the slides. For now my next post is planned on the "firewall revolution" but maybe I'll post also another entries about this conference. Update: You can read a brief analisys of some of the conferences in Lubo's blog Strings 2012, a few words

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